Automotive Solutions Kauri (formally Whakapara service centre) is a small well equipped Rural Automotive Repair Centre that was established on the 19th of October 1998.

We can do almost everything, from general servicing & preventative maintenance, to Warrant of Fitness inspections, Fault finding, all types of repairs, prepurchase & pretrip inspections, advice, tyres and parts finding. We are currently a team of five full time personnel and a part time admin manager. At the beginning we were a single man workshop and soon developed into a two man team of one technician and one office administrator. Over the years we have helped train many pretrade trainees as well as seen three apprentices through to the highly desired National qualification of Automotive Technician.

We started with very modest equipment and now have state of the art Fuel injection servicing equipment & electronic diagnostic scanners, Lab scopes and oscilloscopes through to an Italian Brake disc rotor lathe and a top of the line wheel balancer accurate to 1gram. This equipment and skills that we have acquired enables us to Diagnose and repair items such as ABS braking, Air bag systems, Electronic Transmissions, Air Conditioning, Hybrid systems and climate control as well as Drivability problems to name just a few.

Our team is tight with good work ethics as well as our "Customer Satisfaction First" drive, we can accommodate all client types and requirements. We have courtesy cars for those in need and often we can pick up and deliver. We have a great association with salvage contractors as well as providing a salvage facility ourselves. We have been Motor Trade Association members since shortly after we began operating and have stepped up to become an Automotive Solutions member. We are an LTNZ certified WOF Inspection centre, as well and are trained for this constantly. We carry a huge amount of Automotive data and specifications for most makes and models and we invest heavily in these areas and training every year.